Watch Logan Paul Take a Stunner During the Second Night of Wrestlemania 37 – Vulture

If you like WWE, you already know Sunday evening was the second night of this year’s Wrestlemania 37. If not, we thought you might enjoy watching YouTube star, “modern Benedict Arnold,” and guest announcer Logan Paul receive a stunner from wrestler Kevin Owens after foolishly entering the ring during Owens’ match against competitor Sami Zayn, shoving Zayn to the ground, and, most unbelievably of all, attempting to call the match for a horrified Owens.

Luckily, Paul eventually got his, kicked and thrown over Owens’ morally-upright shoulder onto the mat and, according to fans on social media at least, taking the stunner with more commitment and dedication than our nation’s former president Donald Trump, who famously received (and sort of biffed) a stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin during Wrestlemania 23 in 2007. Hey, not every heel is ready for prime time. Or, in this case, for Peacock.