Strahan’s April Fool’s Day gap gag boosts dentist’s business – NBC Sports

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In a vast desert of unfunny and ineffective and not credible April Fool’s Day jokes, Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan provided the lone oasis for 2021.

Strahan, executing a multi-day con, announced earlier this week that he had his trademark tooth gap filled, complete with video of the procedure and the final product.

Then, on Thursday, Strahan posted a two-minute video that culminated in Strahan removing a COVID mask to show that the gap endures.

And here’s the bizarre kicker: The dentist who pretended to fill the gap has become more famous than Tim Whatley, DDS. Via, Dr. Lee Gause has been “flooded” with calls from all over the country. So far, more than 100 potential patients have inquired.

Strahan actually received a temporary wax gap filler from Gause, so it wasn’t a complete ruse. And if Strahan ever decides to fill the gap for good, Gause probably should do it at no charge.