Godzilla Vs. Kong fans adopt Snyder Cut tactics to try and get a sequel, and it might be working – The A.V. Club

Godzilla Vs. Kong
Godzilla Vs. Kong
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures

Zack Snyder fans successfully orchestrated a campaign to get Warner Bros.’ attention and convince the studio to release Zack Snyder’s director’s cut version of Justice League—which turned into the extremely expensive and marginally improved Zack Snyder’s Justice League—proving once and for all that if a fanbase is loud enough and pushy enough, they can make any ridiculous dream a reality (provided their dream coincides with a movie studio feeling an overwhelming sense of desperation over how much Content is available on its new streaming platform). The point is: They did it. It worked. They tweeted enough hashtags and got in enough people’s replies and made so much noise that Warner Bros. decided that it actually made sense to throw millions and millions of dollars at shutting them up (but in a nice way). Now… it’s happening again.

Today, while Christians on Twitter celebrated Easter by getting “Jesus” to trend at number two in the United States (we’re just being snarky, “Happy Easter” is currently number one), Godzilla fans got “#ContinueTheMonsterverse” to show up in the top 10 as well. The need for the hashtag is based on that idea that Godzilla Vs. Kong seems like the end of the series that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have been working on since Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla in 2014, since the studios haven’t announced any kaiju movies that are in the works after this new one. Unsurprisingly, people who like to see impossibly big gorillas jumping around in the hollow core of the Earth and respectable actors saying lines like “Godzilla’s hurting people and we don’t know why” would like to see more of those things, and they think that getting #ContinueTheMonsterverse to trend on social media will get WB and Legendary’s attention.

And would you look at that? It did. Today, Legendary tweeted out a simple observation of the trending topic, confirming that, yes, it is aware that people would like more of these monster movies. Nothing new has been announced, but this at least seems like a good sign for more city-smashing fun and gleefully nonsensical mythology to come. After all, these movies haven’t even introduced Godzilla’s awful son Minilla yet, and now that the Mechagodzilla card has been played, there’s no reason Legendary and WB can’t do Jet Jaguar.