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Never knew that it could mean so much! Ellie Goulding‘s husband, art dealer Caspar Jopling, shared a brand new photo of the pregnant singer ahead of her rapidly-approaching due date. 

On Instagram, Caspar posted an image of the couple hanging out by a river on a carefree, sunny day. Ellie can be seen dipping her foot in the water, as she reclines on the banks in her black long-sleeve top and black biker shorts. Her shirt was even pulled up and tucked under her bra to show off her growing baby bump.

Caspar sweetly captioned the pic, “My best friend is pregnant btw (with my new best friend ) xx.” 

He also shared an image of the “Burn” artist, 34, from her new interview with Paper magazine. Speaking with the outlet, Ellie reflected on how she may never have been expecting her first child if not for the pandemic, which prevented her from going on tour with her 2020 album Brightest Blue


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“All I wanted to do was go on tour with it,” she said. “And you know what? If I had gone on tour with the album, chances are, I would not be pregnant right now. I mean, I’m just going to be honest—they really don’t go together. And obviously certain things need to occur to become pregnant.”

She called the whole idea of not being alone again “pretty crazy.” 


It’s not the only perception about herself that’s changing. She said she “never thought of myself as that womanly,” explaining, “I guess I have this kind of facade—or, I tried to be this archetypal, like, pop star. None of my friends ever expected me to have kids, basically. And I understand why they wouldn’t have.”

The Grammy nominee also revealed that she tried to keep her pregnancy a secret by staying at Caspar’s country house. 

“It’s one of the things I knew would be picked up on, especially in the UK,” she said of her country’s tabloid industry. “We just grew up in this culture of gossip and wanting to know everything about people. And I think generally, for the most part, people have good intentions and good hearts. But actually there is this kind of mad addiction to knowing what’s going on in people’s lives and wanting to pick faults, and certainly in the UK it’s something that needs curbing a bit.”

The couple, who married in 2019, did a pretty good job of hiding their big news. She finally announced they were expecting a baby on her own terms, during her interview with Vogue in February. At the time, she was already 30 weeks pregnant.

See the candid pic of her above.

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