Disneyland Ticket Demand Overwhelming, Leading To Long Delays – Deadline

Everyone wants to go to Disneyland, at least judging from the subsequent long waits for access on the Disney Parks website today, the first day for tickets and reservations in advance of the park’s April 30 reopening.

Tickets went on sale at 8 AM. Soon after, a message attempted to soothe any frustration at the sluggish site response.

“The wait is almost over,” said a page on DisneyParks.com. “Thank you for your continued patience! Due to high demand, this is taking longer than expected. We have a lot of Guests accessing our system, so you are now in a waiting room to plan your park visit.”

Later in the day, the approximate wait time was listed as “more than an hour.”

A Disney spokesperson acknowledged the demand, and said the site tried to limit the number of people accessing it in order to avoid any impact on the transactions.