CBS’ new version of MacGyver is coming to an end after 5 seasons – The A.V. Club

Photo: Nathan Bolster/CBS

We still don’t know if it’s a remake or a spin-off, but CBS’ new version of MacGyver will be coming to an end after its current season, with the series finale set to air on April 30. The show starred Lucas Till as the eponymous government agent with the fantastical ability to save the world with common household items, but saving his own show is apparently the one thing he couldn’t do with a paperclip. Till thanked the show’s fans and crew in an Instagram post that is also partially about the weather in Georgia:

This news comes a few months after original showrunner Peter Lenkov, who also worked on fellow CBS revival hits Magnum P.I. and Hawaii Five-O, was fired by the network for creating what was reportedly a toxic, racist, and misogynistic work environment. Multiple accounts came out after he was fired, with people who used to work on his shows saying things like that working with him was like “trying to disarm a bomb without a manual.” Till in particular was supposedly a major target for abuse, with him saying that he felt suicidal over the degree of Lenkov’s criticism of him and his body. For this past (and now final) season, Lenkov was replaced by new showrunner Monica Macer.

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